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6/25/72-77 & Now Copenhagen/Japan Tree

The following was sent to me from another concerned participant in the 6/25/72-77 tree:

[I heard about these problems from my branch as well. He 
confronted the admin of the tree (Clay I believe) who finally admitted that the discs 
had problems but were pretty good for newbies. What a croc of shit! I appreciate the 
efforts of those who administer trees, but at least they could seek out a clean copy 
of a show.] 

If this is true it's complete and total bullshit.  I don't care if people want to 
administer trees that contain problems, but these problems should be addressed in 
the tree announcement.  If I remember correctly, the announcement for the 72/77 Forum 
tree called these two shows "incredible upgrades to the bootlegs available", among 
other positive comments.  If the problems with these discs do exist on the seeds, 
then this information should have been made public.  

Has anyone gotten discs from the recent Copenhagen/Japan tree? I believe it was seeded 
by the same individual that seeded the Forum tree.  How are the discs? I just sent my 
end of the trade to my branch yesterday and I sure as hell wish I would have waited 
until I found out if these discs had problems.  Of course most trees run on FBO the 
past two years have been fine, so I didn't know.

Hopefully the ZD Project will take care of the bullshit.  I am awaiting my SHN discs as 
I type this, and soon will be burning for my leaves.  Rest assured that I actually give 
a shit about quality and will be using proven software to rip and burn...the rest of you 
idiots might want to give it a try.

- --Brett