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More Buckley Stuff - It's never over...

Couple of quick Buckley/Zep Connections for you.

Jimmy Page was pictured on the cover of Mojo magazine
holding a copy of Buckley's "Grace" CD. The theme of
the issue was "The Best Thing I've Heard All Year." I
think Jimmy was actually a year off, but inside the
magazine is another picture of Jimmy holding the CD
and sidebar with his thoughts on it. Jimmy RAVES about
"Grace," Jeff's live show and band, and also mentions
seeing Jeff in Australia in 1996.

There's an urban legend here in NYC about Jeff and
Zeppelin. Apparently Jeff booked some studio time one
night here in the city and jammed with his band for a
few hours just to loosen up. The highlight of the jam,
as the legend goes, was a complete run through
Physical Graffiti. I had planned to ask Buckley's
guitarist and drummer if the legend is true, but
didn't get the opportunity (they attended the video
screening premier and took questions from the audience
- - basically I wussed out.)

Fellow FBOer Dave "I'm a lumberjack" Anderson was kind
enough to share these Buckley quotes with me a while

<<<"...I've gotten to a point where I need Billie
Holiday; but half of what I've always been about is
Jimmy Page.">>>

<<<...On his father, Tim -- "There's just no
connection, really. I'm sure people will fill in the
blanks and make up the kind of myth that they want 
to. I wish I did get to talk to him a lot. We went out
a couple of times. Robert Plant and Jimmy Page have
much more influence on me than he ever did."

Here's a snippet from an interview:

AV: Those are names that always come up when people
talk of your music. 

JB: "That was the first voice I really fell in love
with. Young Robert Plant back when he sounded like
Janis. He was trying to sound like Howlin' Wolf, but
he didn't. He sounded like some f**king animal.">>>

<<<RR: I know that Robert Plant was a big influence on

JB: "That's my man! The cool thing about all those
Zeppelin songs is that, because of the way Plant
sings, if you put them into a different musical
setting, they would sound like R & B songs. With Led
Zeppelin, everything was out of tune, and Plant sang
wrong notes. But he was the one that showed me that
there really aren't any wrong notes.">>>

I was fortunate enough to meet Robert a few weeks ago
and we had a nice chat about Jeff Buckley. Robert
offered gushing praise and mentioned that he caught a
Buckley show in Europe at a festival during the summer
of 1995. He referred to Buckley as a "great singer"
and told me that he loves to sing along with the CD. I
asked him if he had heard the story of Jeff's death
and he said "yes" and was visibly shaken. I said
"Yeah, he was singing one of your songs..." and Robert
answered "Well, it's not really my song, is it? At
least that's what the court said..." I saw that he was
getting a little upset so we changed the subject and
went on to talk about old blues songs being in the
public domain and the road to Lindisfarne and other
chit chat...