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Re: 6/25/72-77 & Now Copenhagen/Japan Tree

On Thu, May 04, 2000 at 09:59:52AM -0400 
Brett McElheny(brett44@xxxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:

> The following was sent to me from another concerned participant in
the 6/25/72-77 tree:

> [I heard about these problems from my branch as well. He > confronted
> the admin of the tree (Clay I believe) who finally admitted that the
> discs had problems but were pretty good for newbies. What a croc of
> shit! I appreciate the efforts of those who administer trees, but at
> least they could seek out a clean copy of a show.]

Note:  I had nothing to do with that tree.

> If this is true it's complete and total bullshit.  I don't care
> if people want to administer trees that contain problems, but these
> problems should be addressed in the tree announcement.  If I remember
> correctly, the announcement for the 72/77 Forum tree called these two
> shows "incredible upgrades to the bootlegs available", among other
> positive comments.  If the problems with these discs do exist on the
> seeds, then this information should have been made public.

I agree...  better is to not tree it at all if a better source can be

> Has anyone gotten discs from the recent Copenhagen/Japan tree? I
> believe it was seeded by the same individual that seeded the Forum tree.

Nope...  on this you're wrong.  I provided the seeds for this tree, and
I got mine from Ron Del Ciello.

> How are the discs? I just sent my end of the trade to my branch yesterday
> and I sure as hell wish I would have waited until I found out if these
> discs had problems.  Of course most trees run on FBO the past two years
> have been fine, so I didn't know.

I believe you'll be happy with the Copenhagen/Japan set.  I was very
careful in the cloning of the seed discs.

> Hopefully the ZD Project will take care of the bullshit.  I am awaiting
> my SHN discs as I type this, and soon will be burning for my leaves.
> Rest assured that I actually give a shit about quality and will be using
> proven software to rip and burn...the rest of you idiots might want to
> give it a try.

Thanks Brett...  we're glad to hear that.  We're very serious about the
value-add of the shn convention on that very note...  it reduces DAE to

> --Brett

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