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Zepfest 2,000 Plans

Well I am still getting the enquiries on Zepfest 2000 and here's what ot
is looking like. Chances are good that it will happen in Cleveland on
the weekend of September 30, October 1. The big issue with me is getting
a block of tickets for the concert on October 1.

Since the concert is being promoted by SFX productions and not Belkin
Productions, I don't have a gauranteed access to the tickets like I did
last time. I am hoping that this will happen.

If I don't get tickets, the convention looks like it may happen anyways.
People will have to get there own concert tickets. It won't be that hard
to get decent tickets as the ticket sales for the tour are very slow.
Places like Chicago and Philadephia were only half sold out on the first
day of sales. Don't forget tickets for the first 10 rows are also
available through the Black Crowes website as well.

If I do get tickets, it will be like last time, the seats will be in the
best 1/3 of the venue and in the stands, but not on the floor.The floor
seats I would be offered would be just garbage.

Before I will make a decision of the official announcement of the event,
I will wait until the concert in Cleveland is officially announced and
an onsale date is official.

Take Care