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Re: Question about Plant at Disney

I didn't see the original so I'll answer as best I can from Blu's reply
(Thanks for including the text, Blu.  ;o)  )

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> In a message dated 5/1/00 9:50:53 AM EST, bonal71@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:
> > Could anyone who attended Plant's Q&A at Disney enlighten us as to the
> >  substance of Robert's comments about Jimmy and the BC?  I know TBL and
>    some posts to the list talked briefly about it - how Plant said
> about
> >  his talking to Jimmy about possibly attending/sitting in/etc. at a few
> shows
> >  this summer.

Going from memory, he said he had asked Jimmy if he could attend a few of
the shows.  To me, he sounded a lot more sincere than in his sarcastic reply
to idiot DJ Mark Samansky's (of local radio fame) mud shark question.  I
didn't get the impression that he meant he would be performing in any
capacity, but there is always that chance, I reckon.  It's well known that
he likes them (the Crowes) and he had them open for him on one of his solo
tours.  If he does perform, I sure hope it's at the West Palm Beach show in
September!  ;o)

I still haven't gotten a tape of the event, but when I do, I'll answer more
completely if I've forgotten or left something out here.