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studio tricks

hello zeppers !

   you know - ive been listening to led zeppelin a long time. geez i guess
that scared all the ladies off-hehe - i would party with friends while
listening to zepp music and we would just look at each other and go hehehehe
this is great man hehehehe.i thought i knew all there was to know. BIG
MISTAKE . i knew nothing - i simply was enjoying the music.
since on the mailing list ive read posts from BILL O'NEIL (who if he isnt
PAGE -should be producing this next project for jimmy and robert) and others
reviewing different shows and interpretations of lyrics etc.....and its made
me appreciative of the things i used to take for granted. i know have a
greater understanding what the zeppelin cannon really was all about.still
living - still loving - still LEARNING -led zeppelin.

ps- im not sure if bill is jimmy or really who is who at this point but
someone tell me if IM using an alias or if im really me and can i trade with
myself ? - im confused 

your friend in philly