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Ponder This


Is anyone getting sick of me posting?? :-).  I hate to beat a dead
horse, but I need to make my points while they are fresh in my mind.

In the last digest Chris B noted that Jason subscribed in digest form.
Note the reply below to accusations.

>Message From: PRESENCE <Presence@xxxxxxxx>
>Date: Fri, 29 Aug 1997 23:59:54 -0400 (EDT)
>Subject: Nice
>	Let us get it fully out.  While we are discussing who I am posing
>as, here is a list of who else I am.  Err, I mean, who else I have been
>accused of being: Richard Allcock, Dave Gilyan, Theolyn Brock (do not ask
>me,) Professor Valley, Tom Bergeon, Mark Cook, some guy in Japan (cannot
>remember name,) Tomislaw Crenshaw? and even Jean Lorrah.  I love paranoia.
>Zep Content: Does anyone have a copy of the radio show featuring Dread
>Zeppelin when Robert Plant called in?

Note the date and time of the reply.
He is replying before the digest is actually sent out.  How does he know we
are talking about him?  Of course there has been mention of it in the
previous digest, but it seems pretty odd that he finally gets around to
posting something only *after* a few of us have posted to *this* digest.
Remember Chris B said Ty was not sub'd to receive in digest form so he gets
the posts right after they are sent.  Maybe Ty read the posts individually
and then posted as Presence. ;-).  Whaddya think.  Pretty good amatuer 
detective work.

Oh well could be something or maybe it's nothing