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Ipsham or Birmingwich?

Well, a new list and my first post! Hello everyone.  I had actually 
unsubscribed from the "list that shall not be named" back in June but had 
loosely followed all of the todo via the digest archive. Thank heavens 
the foolishness is behind us and we can get back to the business at hand. 

Now about this "Twopenny Upright" boot.  Here's my 2 cents worth: The CD 
is very similar to that which is described in "The Concert File" as being 
Ipswich, November 16 1971, but some of the dialog is ever so slightly 
different. The disc begins with Plant's dedication to Delroy Wilson as 
described in the book. Following Heartbreaker, there is a reference to 
the 12 foot end (kinda supports the Ipswich argument (St Matthews Baths)) 
but unlike the quote in the book, doesn't mention the Town Hall (yet) but 
mentions the new album instead. Black Dog follows and then there is the 
"I'm sure you must have had a town hall" bit. This sentence is followed 
by something I can't make out but which seems to end with "...from 
Birmingham". Could this be why the bootleggers had it pegged as being 
from Birmingham? After Since I've Been Loving You it sounds like a 
different tape is used (or the taper changed position). During the 
acoustic set Plant says something else I can't make out but which ends 
with "...Ipswich" (the plot thickens). Then, following Tangerine is the 
comment about having driven 180 miles. I don't know but I suspect that 
Ipswich is more likely to be 180 miles from Dundee (where they played on 
the 13th) then Birmingham is from Ipswich.

So the first part seems likely to be Ipswich (from the mention of the 12 
foot end) and so too does the second part (based upon the 180 mile trip 
to get there). The only odd thing is the mention of Birmingham but who 
can say what that was all about (perhaps a pre-concert private joke?).

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