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Controversy or not....

Hi Everyone,

Well we are having a nice little discussion about Ty, Charlie, Jason P.
It sure is interesting even if it turns out not to be anything.  Right now
I really don't know what to think.  Neither Ty or Jason P. are saying
I know they are probably damned if they do or damned if they don't.

Right now my main concern is that I really want to hear the Fort Worth
'71 show so I signed up for the tree.  I sent the blanks to Ty and 
hopefully he will follow thru (right now I have no reason to doubt).  If
it turns out to be a bad trade I'm out the blanks, but I'll also be
disappointed that I didn't get the show and my leaves will be left high
and dry as well.  *If* this happens will someone who already has the show
make a trade with me?  That's all I really want right now.  The Ipswich show
would be nice to if it ever comes to light.

So we will know soon enough about Ty's trading practices won't we.

Also everyone who has an opinion on this please post maybe you have
the clues that can bring this whole situation together.  I still haven't
heard either way from othe branches what arragements they made with Ty or
if anyone has received the show yet.