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"The Truth Explodes"

Nah this doesn't have anything to do with that old "yallah" post from the
DG ruins.  Since it looks like I'm gonna be guilty any way I go, I might
as well confess right?
Know how I was talking about how me and my roommate kicked our other
roomie Charlie out for gypping us on rent?  I'm surprised no one has
figured out who the third roommate is yet.
At last the people on the list have started to link us all together, I
guess I knew this would happen someday since we all trade out of here and
share much of our stuff.  Being Zepheads is how we got to know eachother
to begin with.
Living in the same house doesn't make two (or three) people the same
person, or have the same personalities, or have the same trading
I knew that having some kind of tie to Presence was an automatic mark for
death so I tried to avoid that as much as I could.. and now my downfall
I'm sorry the shit had to go down like this. Let me know when the verdict
is in.