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Is Bill O'Neil Jimmy Page??

>Return-Path: <billo@xxxxxxxxxx>
>Date: Sat, 30 Aug 1997 15:50:30 -0800
>To: Grant Burgess <grantburgess@xxxxxxxxxxxx>,
>From: billo@xxxxxxxxxx (Bill O'Neil)
>Subject: Is Bill O'Neil Jimmy Page??
>At 9:12 AM 8/30/97, Grant Burgess wrote:
>>If Bill O'Neil is Jimmy Page, he sure did a great job of covering his
>>with me. If Jimmy wanted the Kezar tape from me, he would have taken it
>>free like his visits in the CD stores in Japan. Bill sent me a cheque to
>>cover the costs of the postage and the blanks! I couldn't resist on that
>Dammit, Grant!
>I was starting to like the idea that people thought I was Jimmy.  I was
>even ready to post that I'd gone through 'ell learning to spell things the
>American way!

Well Bill, I tricked you into letting that cat out of the bag. I was
commenting on how clever Jimmy was on covering his tracks to get a tape out
of me. And we exposed the truth!
Having Lots of Fun on The Untitled List.

Hey I just got an idea of a new list title there with the Untitled Idea.
Name the list after some symbols. Who am I to say, I am Just Joe King!