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Re: Live recordings you can't live without

On 29 Aug 97, Brock Heinzeroth wrote:

> I'm just so excited about this new list, maybe it's the martini
> talkin' :-). No really this is my 2nd post and this feels great.

You think that *your* martinis are talkin' tonight? 
Well, I gotta tell ya, last night I wrote this huge reply to Jason's 
question about the Page/Plant shows that you're replying about, and 
in the haze of 14 beers, I forgot to "carbon copy" the damned thing 
to the list!  :-) (Hey "Triple-Dot", if you still have that, forward 
it back to the list)

> Jason Artman wrote:
> >Also, what are some essential P/P boots? I've got the few
> >	shows that were recently treed, and I'm wondering where
> >	to go from here. 

To which Brock responds:

> As always Chicago 10/13 is incredible, I was there and re-live it
> everytime I listen to this this show.  

Didja see Jean Lorrah there? She would have been the one with love in 
her eyes and flowers in her hair.  :-)

Red-faced.....or make that *shit*-faced,

"Those are my principles. 
If you don't like them I have others."
- ----Groucho Marx