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Zep Bootleg Trivia Quiz (Win a Free Show)

Night Flight:
      As promised, this is the first of a two week daily Zep trivia quiz,
in which each day's winner receives a free tape of the show of their 
choice from my live Zep collection. Following today's question, there 
will be a week lay-off (I am headed to Orlando for the week tomorrow).
When I return the game will ensue for the remainder of the two week
period. To allow for a large response, the question will be posted now, 
but a winner will not be announced until late tonight. As there will be 
variable degrees of accuracy in responses to some questions, (i.e. 
setlist variations) the closest correct answer will be accepted. In all 
cases, the first/most accurate response will be accepted... 

The Question:

  Name the alterations Zep made to the live setlist between the 7th 
and 8th American Tours (what set list differences exist between the
two tours)? The more complete your answer, the better your chances.

Good Luck! A winner should be announced @ midnight ET.