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Mail from AnnMarie

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Date: Fri, 29 Aug 1997 07:54:53 +0000
From: dazed@xxxxxxxx
To: *New Zeppelin Mailing List <zeppelin-l-digest@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Scattered thoughts

Just a couple of things.

First, I love the new charter..short and to the point.

Second, I love Bill O'Neil's warning to new traders. It's just common

Third, I'm glad that this list will accept all kinds of posts. I hated
being told I couldn't relate little Zep-related life stories just
because they weren't packed with bootleg facts.

Fourth, I have a chance to go see Clarence Gatemouth Brown here in
Bloomington. Should I go?  Larry what do you suggest? :)

Sippin' English Tea for One,