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A bittersweet time...

Greetings Zeppeliniados -

  It's nice to be part of an Internet tradition again - a place where folks
discuss the magic of Zeppelin without being choked by ego. That's what the
place was for a long time, and what this will continue to be, I'm sure.

  A few years back, when I was in grad school, I had a steady stream of
lovely padded envelopes going out (with frequent trips to the P.O.), as well
quite a few coming in. I have a wooden tape rack 4 feet high chock full of
and related tapes, and several stacks that don't fit in it. Sound familiar,
anyone? For the last 2 years or so I've had a real job and my tape-trading
taken a back seat to other concerns, but believe me those things get played!
celebrated the beginning of this list with a listen to Disc 3 of LttE, and
rowdy fan who was FINALLY granted his request of "Heartbreaker". I miss all
fun that the other list provided at that time, but I know this one can be
better. One of the dumbest and most rewarding things I ever did was to offer
free copies of 3 Plant FoN shows to the first 20 who e-mailed me - no
nothing - back in the fall of 1993. I spent a week dubbing furiously but it
great to correspond and read the joyous e-mails once those packages were

Ah, anyway, just getting a little nostalgic. 

Anybody else think that the Hamburg '73 D&C is the tightest ever? Yowza -

Bye all -

Steve Kilpatrick