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Thanks to all the people here!

I just wanted to thank all the people involved in making 
both these new lists a reality!

Jeremy Mixer (the Eskimo list main man)
Chris Bucchere (the Stanford list main man)

and all the others for they work in the discussions about
the new Led Zeppelin list (which BTW I still think should be called
KASHMIR: the Led Zeppelin Mailing List)

Thor Iverson for the Charter and his wisdom,
Jean Lorrah for getting the "Village of the Damned" going and 
compiling the cc: lists of names, etc. 
plus numerous others that contributed in one way or the other.

You guys are the best and what made the old DG what it was.
It will never be the same without you all there
and I feel sorry for them; their loss is our gain.

Eric B.