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Welcome to Jeff Lybarger's Song of the Day Webpage! The Song of the Day is a exploration and journey into Led Zeppelin (or Zep-related) songs. It is written by Jeff Lybarger, a regular contributor to the Led Zeppelin Mailing List, (see information about joining the Led Zeppelin Mailing List at: ). SotD is a wonderful view into the words, the music, the emotions, and the energy that make up a Led Zeppelin song.  Jeff provides an analysis that comes straight from the heart, with a working knowledge of music theory and history thrown in that the trainspotter will enjoy.

Originally posted in an order defined my Jeff's brain, this new version of the webpage has been restructured in December 2011. It is now organized by album. It has taken 15 years and a long journey for Jeff to get this series finished. For that reason, you will see several formats and layouts. For some history and commentary from Bruce "the Buckeye" Deerhake, webmaster, click here.

Bruce "the Buckeye" Deerhake, webmaster and Zephead
30 December 2011

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