Here is the history of the webmaster's comments at each juncture in the development and completion of this site. If you are interested in the background of Jeff and what he's about, and to bring order to the fray, make sure you visit the link for the final SotD, see link in last paragraph below.

Comments from the Webmaster, July 1998:
Jeff continues to astound me with his prolific, abounding writing talents. I have just done an update here at the site, getting caught up on some old SotDs as well as some "fresh ones". As a webpage designer, looking over the existing site at this stage, I was astonished at the small amount of graphics used in these 60-some html pages: only 8 images files! This is a testament to Jeff's work: Through Led Zeppelin, he creates the images in your mind, with his words - nothing additional is needed! If you like what you read at this site, send Jeff an email and tell him so! His email address is: Bookmark this site, and come back again, there will be more!
enjoy! -- Bruce the Buckeye

UPDATE from the Webmaster, November 2005:
It is with great pride and joy that I announce that Jeff Lybarger is back! Jeff emailed me this week to tell me that he wanted to finish the Led Zeppelin catalog and do SotDs for ALL Zep tunes!! Wow, this is great news! Thank you Jeff!

UPDATE from the Webmaster, February 2006:
It has taken Jeff a little while to get his motor running again. But I am here to tell you, this time he's really back! Starting the last week in February, look for a new SotD each and every Monday, until the Zep catalog is done! (you might have to reload/refresh your browser or clear the cache to see the new update). Jeff, thanks for all you do! You are a blessed writer!

UPDATE from the Webmaster, July 2007:
Jeff has still to work at finishing this, but he's darn close! It's been 10 years gone, since he started this project! I think he'll be back!

UPDATE from the Webmaster, December 2011:
Well, my prediction was right! Jeff came back and finished the project - 15 years gone! I have restructured things to make it easy to find songs - by album (novel concept!) To get some insight into the bigger picture of it all, from Jeff himself, make sure you visit the very last episode: SotD C


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