The Led Zeppelin IFMTLThe Led Zeppelin IFMTL

Welcome to the Led Zeppelin Infrequently Murmured Trivia List! This list has been compiled by Steven Wheeler, who began this most ardous of tasks in May 1994, before presenting the first version in October 1995. The compiler spent many, many man hours on this, so flames are NOT appreciated, but on the other hand, constructive criticism, suggestions, additions, corrections, etc. are more than welcome. This document seeks to draw together all the interesting, amusing, perplexing, or just plain anecdotal information that has arisen on the topic of Led Zeppelin. At the time that the compilation process began, there was no storage place for these often quite useful pieces of information. So, to fill that need this document was created. I hope you find something of interest here.
There are a lot of people that I need to thank for their help in compiling this, and I have probably lost the names of a lot of you, so please if you see something here of yours, let me know so I can credit you. The ones I have remembered are listed in the Credits section.
Most of all, I view this as me putting something back into a Mailing List from which I have dervied a lot of fun and enjoyment during my involement. Thanks y'all!

Steven Wheeler
Launceston, Tasmania, 30/APR/95.
Last Updated : 06/NOV/95.

16/JAN/97: Steven is AWOL at the moment.....please forward enquiries/additions/whatever to Buckeye at: