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Re: Rock Star fantasy show...

Nech, THANK YOU for sharing this!!! Kudos to your cuz, indeed, AND to the
band. They effing blew my mind just now. All kinds and flavors of awesome!!
Gives me LOTS of hope for the musical tastes and talents of the next
generation...and God I hope Jimmy, Robert, JPJ, and Jason see this gem!

I'll be sharing this on the Facebook companion page to my blog -- also
called Music is the Best. (BTW, sorry in advance for the shameless
self-promotion here, but please do stop by and "like" the page if you're so
inclined: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Music-is-the-Best). I do post about
Zep, every once in awhile :D

Thanks again Nech, that vid made my day.

Best to all,

Please visit my blog, Music is the Best: http://jcsmusicsbest.blogspot.com