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Re: Rock Star fantasy show...

Fantastically cool Nech! Your cuz did a great job, and man, those kids were 

On Wednesday, February 5, 2014 12:26 PM, Ed Pasternak <edp007@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Very cool....

In another year or so the kid won't sound like Robert anymore lol

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> For the second year in a row since its inception by my cousin, the kids 
> from the North Salem, NY  local high school put together bands, were 
> coached by cuz & professional volunteers and did a 'battle of the bands' 
> Rock Star Fantasy Show that featured this spectacular grande finale 
> including all the participating students.
> Truly inspiring and kudos to my cuz for doing such a fine job directing 
> these kids. You can see his hands behind the curtain and his face pops up 
> at one point. Lol...  but I wonder what ever gave him the idea to teach 
> them all this tune?!?!?  Think Heart made the boys proud? I think this 
> would've made them all have tears running down their faces..
> Bravo Cuz!  Nice to know that there are folks out there pointing the youth 
> of the world in the right direction!
> http://youtu.be/NhVdbXB7jjQ