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Re: Zeppelin ramblings

On 1/27/2014 3:08 PM, Vonda Hartsock-Oneil wrote:

Did anyone catch "Gallow's Pole" on the Disc. Channel's KLONDIKE miniseries
last wk.?
If not, listen closely(although I thought it to be quite noticeable, the
other Led Heads in the room did NOT notice until I pointed it out, so
perhaps it wasn't as prominent as I thought)
It was featured as the background music(couple of separate occasions) to
the scene of everyone dancing and partying in the saloon- but performed by
the musicians on stage in the saloon with authentic instruments for the
period(obviously) and performed in the traditional folklore manner.
Hi Von! Yep, I caught it. It sure seemed like the lyrics were more Plant-influenced than it was was traditional. There was a guy playing a hurdy-gurdy! Wonder if there were credits at the end?

I have the whole series on DVR - do you recommend watching the rest of it? Some of the show just seemed to contrived, or not realistic. But I really like the premise! Maybe it should have just been a three hour movie instead of, what, three two-hour installments?