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Re: Zeppelin ramblings

I must have accidentally deleted the post/thread, or it was somehow missed
by everyone on the list...which I doubt SO...

Did anyone catch "Gallow's Pole" on the Disc. Channel's KLONDIKE miniseries
last wk.?
If not, listen closely(although I thought it to be quite noticeable, the
other Led Heads in the room did NOT notice until I pointed it out, so
perhaps it wasn't as prominent as I thought)
It was featured as the background music(couple of separate occasions) to
the scene of everyone dancing and partying in the saloon- but performed by
the musicians on stage in the saloon with authentic instruments for the
period(obviously) and performed in the traditional folklore manner.

Also I have been meaning to ask this for yrs and always forget or can't
find the correct thread to include it in, but this one seems appropriate.

Some yrs ago, we had a misc. thread going, concerning Zep references in the
movies et al...and I pointed out Zeppelin graffiti on a brick wall in the
background of some now long forgotten film, as well as a "Plant" reference
in a foreign Asian film, that obviously was mistranslated (how I don't
know) as the lead character was a recovering addict who loved The Beatles,
not Zeppelin(unfortunately)

THEN I saw this movie that clearly featured Tower House in the background.
I swore I would recall the title but to this day I can not remember the
name of the movie, but it was from the late 80's and something along the
lines of...rich American woman flies to London, meets a man and they go
out, then she meets another man and they go out. All the while, the two men
are best friends dating the same woman yet they don't realize it, nor does
she know the two men she's dating are best friends. In the end, all is
revealed and she has to either return to America or stay in London. She
stays and you see her in the car with one of the men just as they go around
the curve in front of Tower House, and as they go around the curve you can
plainly see TH in the background...Anyone have a clue as to the title of
this film?
Thnx in advance
On Jan 27, 2014 11:52 AM, "Lif Strand" <lif.strand@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I wonder if all of these uses of LZ music and symbols are accompanied by
> paid royalties.
> At 10:19 AM 1/27/2014, Wyatt Brake wrote:
>> Hard to beat Immigrant Song for the Vikings!
>> Kind of gruesome, but I believe I saw JPJ's symbol tattooed on the
>> upper back of a murder victim on the HBO show "True Detective" last
>> night...
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