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Re: Hey Ladies....

Not sure a Robert Plant/Patty Griffin split would have any effect on his 2014 
tour, which has been heavily advertised as "Robert Plant and the Sensational 
Space Shifters".

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> On 26 Jan 2014, at 08:21 pm, Nech <tytlane@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Just wondering what this may mean, but apparently Mr. Plant is once again 
> wandering off into the unknown as his Austin digs got emptied out and going 
> up for sale. Supposedly Plant and crew recently flew in during an ice to 
> storm to pack up his things and go. In, out, gone.  Rumor has it they had the 
> Ramone's Blitzkreig Bop blaring the whole time!
> What this means for PattyPlant, who knows, but for those of you still 
> dreaming, well...seems like the only Place Robert has kept roots in is good 
> ol Wolf town. Owooooooo!!!  More importantly I'm wondering what it may mean 
> for all the announced 2014 dates. I've been preoccupied as some may know so 
> haven't been paying attention if they've all been listed as SSS or just 
> saying Robert Plant & ??? 
> Could mean nothing at all, or perhaps Robert's gone restless again. If 
> History holds true I guess we'll see him writing operas and binging on 
> ethereal noises...  IMO Jonesy did the whole Bluegrass & Americana thing 
> first! : )   heh heh.
> Speaking of Opera, nice to see a real singer get picked to sing the National 
> Anthem at the tidy bowl next weekend. Let me tell you, what a pain THAT whole 
> shindig has been for me.  Frankly can't wait till it's over and out of here.
> Later,
> NEch