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Hey Ladies....

Just wondering what this may mean, but apparently Mr. Plant is once again wandering off into the unknown as his Austin digs got emptied out and going up for sale. Supposedly Plant and crew recently flew in during an ice to storm to pack up his things and go. In, out, gone. Rumor has it they had the Ramone's Blitzkreig Bop blaring the whole time!

What this means for PattyPlant, who knows, but for those of you still dreaming, well...seems like the only Place Robert has kept roots in is good ol Wolf town. Owooooooo!!! More importantly I'm wondering what it may mean for all the announced 2014 dates. I've been preoccupied as some may know so haven't been paying attention if they've all been listed as SSS or just saying Robert Plant & ??? Could mean nothing at all, or perhaps Robert's gone restless again. If History holds true I guess we'll see him writing operas and binging on ethereal noises... IMO Jonesy did the whole Bluegrass & Americana thing first! : ) heh heh.

Speaking of Opera, nice to see a real singer get picked to sing the National Anthem at the tidy bowl next weekend. Let me tell you, what a pain THAT whole shindig has been for me. Frankly can't wait till it's over and out of here.