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Robert Plant Zirka Questions

I just noticed, starting with Zirka 2 on through Zirka 8, the beginning lists 
credits and briefly says "Official DVD & Soundtrack Available."  Has anyone 
seen anything more on these, and when and where they might become available?  I 
don't see anything on his website or anywhere else.

Zirka 7 has a cool jam starting at about the 4:32 point.  Anyone know who/what 
this is?  Some if sounds reminiscent of Robert's own stuff from the 80's.


Zirka 8 is back to more general footage of scenery and the traveling companions 
like Zirka 1.  It also finally lists some musical credits.  Ali Farka Toure, 
Tinariwen, Tidawt, Momo, Oumou Sangare.