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Re: Gene Simmons Offer.

And I still didn't get a straight answer from ya :)

On Fri, 7/26/13, Lif Strand <lif.strand@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

 Subject: Re: Gene Simmons Offer.
 To: "Nech" <tytlane@xxxxxxxxxxxx>, vocals7851@xxxxxxxxx, zeppelin@xxxxxxxx
 Date: Friday, July 26, 2013, 2:43 PM
 I'm considering the issue solely from
 the point of view of the music.  Music is sound. 
 The part of performance that is perceived that is not sound
 by definition cannot be music. The part of performance that
 you take in with eyes (and thus, the costume, the face
 paint, the light shows, the giant videos) is not music.
 I am not criticizing performance, nor even commenting on
 performance.  I am solely addressing the "musician"
 part of Maria Callas' comment "what constitutes a "serious"
 artistic musician".
 Lif C. Strand
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