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Re: Gene Simmons Offer.

Showmanship is a very big part of the equation IMO.  It depends on what you 
really are looking to get out of your "art" as well I guess.  But if you're out 
there totally driven to "make it" and pay your rent & booze dues and realize 
dressing up and playing a part is a necessity, and then do it...more power to 
you.  We can sit back and scoff and laugh, but Gene & the ones that didn;t fall 
by the wayside are filthy rich. Does that make them happy or better folk? I 
dunno, but I'm sure they ain't looking back and lamenting they 're not taken 

Not a Kiss historian, but do know that not all of the original members share 
the same tax bracket as Gene, but in general, just saying. 

 I mean, you gotta be at least somewhat decent to be able to play a flaming 
guitar in 14" boots &  lace. ; )
 Anyone know if any of them ever seriously caught on fire or broke ankles and 




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At 11:48 AM 7/26/2013, maria callas wrote:
>And what constitutes a "serious" artistic musician?

For me, dressing up in costume and face paint isn't about 
music.  Music is what you hear, not what you see.


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