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Re: Anyone seen this yet??? & Big Log in the Big Easy

Sorry for the late input, but I was out of town all weekend.......

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From: Chris Leone <ceeleone2001@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Anyone seen this yet???




A big THANKYOU for posting this Chris.  It's this kind of stuff I love to hear 
more than anything (such as Tribute to Johnny Kid & The Pirates which is one of 
my all time favorite Zep boots).  Hopefully someone got a full recording of 
this gig and it will become available at some point.  I'd love to hear the 
entire thing!!!!  If anyone finds it please let me know.   Thanks.

Date: Fri, 19 Jul 2013 17:11:22 -0400
From: James Bonal <bonal71@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Big Log in the Big Easy

Thanks to TBL's Facebook page, I just discovered that the SSS played one of my 
favorite Plant solo tunes last night.  I think this is the first go for "Big 
Log" with the SSS, but I hope it isn't the last.  Not bad for an initial try, 
and, if you watch closely at the end, Plant really seems to be pleased (or 
maybe relieved) that they pulled this one off.
I can think of several other Plant solo tunes that I'd love to hear out of the 
SSS, and based on the last leg of the BOJ tour a couple of years ago (a one-off 
of "All of My Love," as an example), there may well be a few more surprises in 
the set lists as the US tour winds down over the next week or so.  
(Note - the link is correct but the poster misidentified the song as "The 


Another bit THANKS for posting James.  VERY cool.  I was seriously happy to see 
him do In The Mood again, which is one of my favorite old time live tracks.  
This is just great too.

Date: Fri, 19 Jul 2013 16:24:12 -0500
From: Wyatt Brake <wyattbrake@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: Big Log in the Big Easy

According to an R-O report, Moonlight in Samoa was soundchecked last week
before a gig. That would really be something of a rarity!


Yes, yes that certainly would be, and it would be very cool.   Now if he went 
really crazy and did The Only One I'd probably faint.

I wish he was coming around more up this way so I could see him again in a 
better environment.

Date: Fri, 19 Jul 2013 21:30:00 -0400
From: Steve Thomson <zeppelin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: Big Log in the Big Easy

Finally! I'm so glad to see Percy stop ignoring the music from that 
phase of his career.


I agree totally Steve. He has so many great songs that it certainly mystifies 
why we have to hear Rock and Roll every single tour doesn't it?  Why on earth 
does he do WLL when he can be doing so many other more interesting things?  At 
this point, even if he played a "hits collection" it would be much more 
interesting.  It's like he's embarrassed about that time period or something.  
For me, it's my time of music.  I grew up in the 80's, and while much of the 
80's music total sucks, I love Robert's stuff.  I'm sure that makes me 110% 
biased, but from the sound of that crowd hearing Big Log, maybe not.  

Bring it on Robert, we want to hear YOUR stuff.