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Re: RP @ Chateau Ste Michelle

Link to close-ups of the Misty Mountain National Park and silhouette
RPSSS shirts:

I didn't love all the shirts, but I like the two I bought.  Although
they're both "SoftStyle" (still 100% cotton) and not the Heavy Duty
shirts, I do find them both to be noticeably thicker than the
2010/2011 Band of Joy shirts, which were definitely quite thin.

On Wed, Jul 10, 2013 at 10:04 AM, Kurt Rompf <RompfK@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
 - RP collectable items pretty much sucked too.  1 very lame poster
and 4 shirts. They were among the worst shirt graphics I've ever seen,
ever. Just boring as f*ck, like a Dave Matthews style graphic, and
only 1 sided.  I took some pics.  They were also made from that
fracking terrible thin girly stretchy spandexy sort of cotton that I
hate, not the good thick solid cotton.  This is the first time in my
life i have not bought something from a Plant related show.  I was
disappointed with this for sure.