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RP @ Chateau Ste Michelle

Date: Mon, 8 Jul 2013 10:53:45 -0400 (EDT)
From: Nech <tytlane@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Robert Plant tour news...

Would love to be hearing from folks that are seeing our fearless leather lunged 
legend.... hint hint..

From: Nech <tytlane@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Pretty cool shirt Robert was sporting for this gig... 

From: Dawn Godfree <dawnmariegodfree@xxxxxxxxx>
Very stylish, I must say...

From: Lalaha <lalaha7@xxxxxxxxx>
Thanks for that thoughtful observation, James.  I can't wait til Friday and
my turn to hear the big voice!

From: Nech <tytlane@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Can't wait to read you BIG REVIEW!  : )

From: Lalaha <lalaha7@xxxxxxxxx>
I have a HS friend in from out-of-town for the show so Wyatt might beat me
to it.  I will chime in, though, even if it's a day or two late!


Since everything works in almost real time anymore, I feel I've been neglecting 
FBO with my review from this show which my wife and I attended Saturday night.  
Sorry about that but Sunday was still vacation, and Monday was traveling.  
Yesterday was catching up on real work, and I now have 2 very serious family 
issues that require immediate attention for at least the next few weeks.  
Basically, my big review won't be for a while, and by the time I get around to 
it, there will probably have been 15 other entries that say about the same 
thing.  Sorry about this but timing sucks right now.

So for the time being, here's my quick take bullet style:
- Show was slated for 3 bands, and 4 showed up.  It was the opening guy who we 
totally missed, then Bruce Hornsby who we caught about 45 minutes of, then Rail 
Road Earth (who I had heard of but never heard their music) was a surprise for 
everyone in attendance I think, then Robert and the SSS.
- Bruce Hornsby was up beat and fun.  We had seen him e twice before and I'd 
rank this one in the middle.
- Rail Road Earth was just okay for me.  I'm a huge Grateful Dead fan, and I 
love the Allman Brothers, so I like jam music.   But this just sort of rambled 
for me, with no real excitement either way.  It was okay.  Not bad, but not 
great either.
- Robert and the SSS were great.  I loved it, but hey, I'm super biased.  Sound 
quality was very good from our seat location, so that was a huge plus.  I loved 
hearing In The Mood played so up beat.  I loved his solo stuff.  I liked some 
of the Zep numbers but was indifferent about others.  I've said it before and 
I'll say it again, I could go the rest of my life never hearing Whole Lotta 
Love ever again, so songs like that and Rock & Roll, no matter how masterfully 
they are played, just bore me to tears.  His voice sounded awesome to me, but I 
always like his voice regardless of the shape it's in.  He had some great 
"Plantations" which got the entire crowd laughing.  One comment about doing REO 
Speedwagon covers cracked me up.  Since I didn't have any formal recording 
stuff only my phone; since I was at an unfamiliar venue; and since we were in 
the 22nd row, I don't have too much to share, but I do have some which I will 
post when I can.  Since I couldn't record EVERYTHING in video mode, I just did 
bit's and pieces, mostly the "Plantations" in-between to help cover the set 
- I must say I really enjoyed the music when I could, but the venue left me 
having many MANY distractions.  It was HOT, the place was serious annoying for 
a first timer (I would not recommend this place to anyone really unless you 
just want a casual night out to drink some wine and listen to back ground 
music), the way it was arranged, the stupid organization of the seats, no cup 
holders in the seats, the bathrooms, the fact that they only sold wine by the 
glass bottle, no beer, some drunk guy puking all over everything then fighting 
to stand crashing into me as they dragged him out, the 6 people in front of me 
more interested in partying-talking-smoking weed-waving-dancing around than 
listening to the music, the one guy who was like 6-4" purposely blocking my 
view and bumping into me so much I started shoving him back which only led to 
all of them jacking with me the rest of the show, and the other 5 guys in front 
of him that were so tall at times I couldn't even see the stage.  The 
experience of the venue and the people was a big fat ZERO.  I hated the place.  
 My love of Robert Plant over took that which made it a fun time, just not 
- RP collectable items pretty much sucked too.  1 very lame poster and 4 
shirts. They were among the worst shirt graphics I've ever seen, ever. Just 
boring as f*ck, like a Dave Matthews style graphic, and only 1 sided.  I took 
some pics.  They were also made from that fracking terrible thin girly stretchy 
spandexy sort of cotton that I hate, not the good thick solid cotton.  This is 
the first time in my life i have not bought something from a Plant related 
show.  I was disappointed with this for sure.

Sorry for the quick take.  Again, I'll try to post more later sometime.