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The weather here has been so wet it reminds me of this trip I once took thru 
Scotland, Wales & London way back in '94... I got pretty wet...

Imagine being a fly on the wall in this small little cottage listening to some 
long haired gahoots strumming this stuff all days long...


sigh...what bliss.  

Hey, JPJ, Robert, JIMMY,  if someone has their ear...drag it over to your PC 
and force them to listen... and then smack em and say, get on it, FINISH some 
of those!!! Sheesh the first ditty is practically done already!!! And that 
hook...talk about ear worm wo oh ohhh I wanna be her man!  

DO IT!!!  Or f it, if Robert can't sing like a boy anymore, I know plenty of 
folks that can!!! JP, give me a fricken call. Let's talk shop. I got this 
Samplitude Pro X Suite that needs a workout. Have laptop will travell...all I 
ask is you spring for the RME HDSP & FireFace and uh...oh wait..nevermind ; ) 

Back to my gloomy cell.

At least I got some soothing plinky music to keep me company.