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RE: Jason Saturday night

The monument did look newly painted. 

The museum is cool. It's small but other than photographs and film there
isn't much to show about Woodstock. What they have is very cool though.

The venue capacity is a bit over 14K with seats and lawn. It's small enough
and with the wedge design the sound carries well I imagine. 



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Thanks for the great story Chef!  Wish I could've been there with you and
Dave, but got things to be doing now.  Saw some of your field shots. Looks
like they've cleaned up or repainted the big stone & plaque, when I was
there for the 20th anniversary it was already pretty bleached looking. Hove
not been there since they've built the whole Bethel Woods place, again
would;ve been nice to have been able to make it out. 

Jason, blabbermouth?!?! Nah, really?!?!
 : )



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So I went to Bethel Woods Center for the Arts to see Jason and Heart this
past Saturday.
I got to the venue a bit early as I was very interested in seeing the layout
and to check out the Woodstock museum. Mind you, this is where that iconic 3
day event took place in August of 1969.