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Re: Jason Saturday night

 Thanks for the great story Chef!  Wish I could've been there with you and 
Dave, but got things to be doing now.  Saw some of your field shots. Looks like 
they've cleaned up or repainted the big stone & plaque, when I was there for 
the 20th anniversary it was already pretty bleached looking. Hove not been 
there since they've built the whole Bethel Woods place, again would;ve been 
nice to have been able to make it out. 

Jason, blabbermouth?!?! Nah, really?!?!
 : )



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So I went to Bethel Woods Center for the Arts to see Jason and Heart this
past Saturday.

I got to the venue a bit early as I was very interested in seeing the layout
and to check out the Woodstock museum. Mind you, this is where that iconic 3
day event took place in August of 1969.