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Best wishes...

Greetings FBO. Apologizes for my lack of posting but have been ultra busy entertaining family & more family. Well, make that more like helping Mom cook to feed an army. And today it's my turn with everyone coming over. Needless to say it's been hectic.

Iffen I get a chance I will send out a "live broadcast" once I tune up the ol Bandura tonight. You think Jonesy had issues with the mellotron, try keeping a 40 year old Uke Bandura in tune. 52 atrings man!!!

In case I don't, Merry Christmas, Happyu belated Hanukah, and all other Holidays this diverse group may celebrate. The Mayans did not get us, so let's hope the regular New Year's doesn't. Take care, be safe, best of health and XoX. In a proferssional Zeppelin sorta way ; )

Later my thirsty friends.