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Re: 10 X ???

Zep was jam before jam was jam. But for the Jam chan you gotta be contemporary. 
probably "oldest" stuff I here on there would be Phish. In their Opinion Zep is 
gonna be categorized as Classic, 70's, or Ozfest bound.  I myself don;lt think 
I've ever even heard The Dead on that there channel. But then again, they have 
their own...  DMB I can certainly do without, but do dig some of them ass 
thumping basses of the DB sort.  There was a great Moe. song on this am that 
took me from my front door to work heelhole, wish I flicked to see what the 
title was.

I think once again the issue lies in the fact that for the most part the jams 
we know and love are not sonically suited for broadcast. Not that XM is HD or 
anything to begin with, but other than a select few boots, I cannot fault them. 
Perhaps as they get some sbds in their hands that the boot scompanies haven't 
ruined, we could get some serious Zep jamming on there.  I am waiting for the 
new 77's to hit the streets but doubt they'd make it onto the jam factory 

Perhaps we can start a grass roots movement to edumacate the XM folks?



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I love the discussion here. Chris the comment about Zepp being a JAM band, I 
totally freekin agree! A personal issue of mine is with Sirius XM Jam channel 
they never fu(&ing play Zepp on there! Why is that! Thats all I here is Dave 
Mathews, dead, disco bicuits and all of the other stuff. I actually here more 
cover zep song on there than the actual Zepp.  I am ready to call those ASSES. 
Pisses me off everytime!

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