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Re: 10 X ???

Nech I am sorry but I dont think 7.5 out of 10 would say that. I have first 
hand experience with my younger cousins and nephews that I brought with me to 
the Theater to watch CD and them saying to me after, wow that was great but 
they were a lot better in TSRTS and DVD.  So maybe not 10 x better lets just 
say 9 :)
Merry Christmas FBO, love you all.

> From: Nech <tytlane@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
>To: zeppelin@xxxxxxxx 
>Sent: Thursday, December 20, 2012 11:47 AM
>Subject: 10 X ???
>3 out of 4 Dentists agree that people not happy with the virtues of CD do so 
>to merely get a rise of out those that do.
>Seriously... I'm trying to come up with any solid reasoning to NOT like it. 
>And I bet, that given the one example of giving a kid a pile of shows and then 
>coming back and asking which was the best... I can guarantee you that 7.5 out 
>of 10 would choose CD.  WHY?  Because it sounds the best and closest to what 
>any contemporary kid would even consider listening to. Beside having the 
>attention spans of ADHD newts, most kids today simply would not and could not 
>listen nor relate to what Zeppelin of yore was doing.  Be truly honest with 
>yourselves and think about it...what WE love and are addicted to, 89.645 
>percent of Zeppelin's fan base could not give a rat's ass about.  I personally 
>know plenty of really loving fans that simply cannot stand listening to Live 
>Zep other than what was given the JP treatment or what's on DVD.  I have burnt 
>numerous copies of what we all tend to consider being* the best* and have 
>gotten them back with , nah sorry, give me
 HTWWW or TSRTS anyday.  
>So CD being 10x worse than the worst... nah, give it a rest.  It was the best 
>'Led Zeppelin' show of the this current generation's life. 
>I'm off to celebrate the end of the world with a pastrami & tongue sandwich.