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Re: Since CD....

My go to show is Copenhagen 7/24/79. Great recording, great (really great)
performance from the band. I love that date b/c of the Ten Years Gone. It's
my favorite, and imo the best, performance of that song live. I also love
the No Quarter, which seems a little awkward being shoehorned into a
shorter timeframe after the sprawling 1977 versions.

I also love 9/29/71, 4/27/69, and of course LTTE.

CD is wonderful, and I don't quantify it against the 1970's. When I first
heard a recording of the 02 show, the day after it happened, I was
transported. I was at work, listening in headphones, and it was during
Roberts " Jee Jee Jee Jee Jee Yeah" , when the band came back in, that I
realized I was listening to Led Zeppelin. By this I mean my brain was
processing the show the same as if I was listening to any other Zep show.
The groove was there. It wasn't the same, calm down. I'm not Bonzo bashing.
I'm saying they pulled it off and performed Led Zeppelin concert, not just
a performance of Led Zeppelin songs. The difference to me is huge.
Page/Plant had great great moments, and Jimmy's playing was way hotter and
more adventurous (esp in 98), but it was never Led Zeppelin. It was guys
playing Zeppelin songs. CD is Led Zeppelin to me. They pulled it off.
Atlantic 88 was a joke, Live Aid was a disgrace, and the Rock and Roll Hall
of Fame was a party. CD was a Led Zeppelin show, and one to be proud of. In
my opinion, of course. Music is subjective.