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Re: Thank you for the good vibes for my dog, Tundra

sorry for your loss of your pet.
as a pet owner (2 cats) i know how it feels to lose a pet.

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>SO very sorry for your loss. I know how hard this is believe me.   :(  :(  
>:(   It will take a long time to get over the pain  but it sounds like you 
>certainly made the right choice for Tundra.
>Hugs to you--Sharon
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>lalaha7@xxxxxxxxx writes:
>Tundra  let us know that he had given all the love he had to give and
>that he was  ready to go today.  Even though our hearts are breaking,
>it was the  right thing to do.  I truly appreciate all of your good
>vibes these  last couple of months - it has meant more than you know.
>In the light  you will find the  road,