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Re: Obama Speech

Many thanks to Eddie and Laura; I couldn't have said it better!
Indeed, I try to limit my declarations to my own opinions, while
avoiding offering personal assurances about the feelings of Page,
Plant, and Jones, and generally deferring to actual quotes from the
principals (Plant added, “[Obama's] humor, relating to our career a
while back was very, very funny. He’s got us down!”)

J. Paul Zoccali refers to the television air date of the event, but
unless I'm very much mistaken, Obama's speech will not be part of the
broadcast.  Those comments were made at the White House as part of a
dinner the night before the tribute to the artists at the Kennedy
Center, so they are unlikely to be included in the December 26
television presentation that will probably focus instead on Jack
Black's remarks (I presume the band was also insulted by those, by the
same reckoning...?) and the musical performances.  When I said what I
said about thinking that the time for influencing opinion having
passed, I was speaking about the "core" Zeppelin fan community, the
bulk of whom seem to have made up their minds about the moment.
Beyond that relatively small group, I'm sure the blog has the
potential to sway millions...

W. Aaron Brake

On Wed, Dec 12, 2012 at 10:49 AM, Lalaha <lalaha7@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Since this debate reared its ugly head again. here's an opinion from the 
> horses mouth!

>>>“I think the world held it’s breath a couple of weeks ago, and what a
fantastic result,” he told CBS Local, referring to the recent
election. “What a charismatic guy, and what a job he’s got to do.”

While the President doesn’t speak at the actual Kennedy Center Honors
ceremony (which airs on CBS on December 26 at 9 p.m. ET), he spoke
about the band at a dinner at the White House before the ceremony,
talking about their wild lifestyle in the ’70s, quipping that, “It’s
fitting that we’re doing this in a room with windows that are three
inches thick! And Secret Service all around… so guys, just settle
down! These paintings are valuable.”

********Plant added, “His humor, relating to our career a while back
was very, very funny. He’s got us down!”*******<<<