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RE: Obama Speech

So uh just out of curiosity, since we're questioning peoples authority, what 
gives you the authority to declare that that band was insulted? Oh let me 
guess, you know someone who knows someone in the Jimmy/Robert/JPJ/ camp right? 
 Yeah, don't we all....

I think from now on anyone declaring something with authority should also post 
a link showing where they got that authority from. That way we can all be sure 
that the declaration is definitely being made.  It'll save time and arguing.

On the other hand what that person could say is something like this: "I think 
the opportunity to influence opinion on this has passed." which is exactly what 
the poster you're talking about did say.  Notice how he wrote "I think" and not 
"I declare"?  I did.  I guess you missed it the first time around.

> Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2012 07:55:36 -0800
> Subject: Re: Obama Speech
> A few points: To whoever made the comment about the window of
> influence on the subject being closed, I'm curious what gives you the
> authority to make that declaration. Considering that the TV air date
> is 2 weeks away and separated from the event by such a long time, I
> would say its window is extra large and still quite wide open. I
> consider myself quite reasonable. The "speech" was so badly written,
> I couldn't believe my ears and I assure you, though they would never
> admit it, the band was insulted.