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Re: Article on President's Poorly Worded Comments about L.Z. at Kennedy Center Honors

I didn't take umbrage to the banshee comment: since Robert and Jimmy have
both compared ALS to the din of battle with pride, I don't think that word
offended them.  I doubt the hotel trashing /secret service comments a bit
later came across as funny as the speech writer intended but I can forgive
it.  Since Robert alluded on Letterman that he preferred the casual
atmosphere of our highest cultural award to the stuffiness of the UK New
Year Honours, who am I to be offended on their behalf?

Besides, Jack Black's soul-selling schtick was more wince-worthy IMHO.  We
choose to honor our best with humor and good natured teasing, like a higher
brow roast, than with solemnity and jewel rattling.  That is ok by me!
After all, it 's only rock and roll.


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