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Re: The Object...4 sale

How about the Number of the Numbered Object. Jesus! Snake Oil, anyone?

Joanna,   Oakland, CA

On Dec 11, 2012, at 8:21 AM, Michael Gilson <tangerineman@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Any specialists out there that can vouch for the authenticity of this high 
priced item?


Well, I can vouch for possible ambiguities in the description. :-)

It says "Only 1000 of these ORIGINAL items were made." So what? All this means 
is that seller is stating that fact. Nowhere does s/he say "I am selling one of 
said originals."

IF "It was shipped in a brown box in 1976" is true, then this is probably an 
original. And IF "Item is in flat black paint with very smooth sides & base" is 
true, then, again, almost surely an original.

BUT, the seller could have simply added those facts to lure informed 
prospective buyers who have read Rick Barrett's analysis here:


...because it mentions the shipping date, the type of paint and the smoothness 
as distinguishing features of the original.