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RE: Wonderful Washington Post article

Date: Sun, 2 Dec 2012 21:21:02 -0500
From: "Pamela Ford" <jpford@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: RE: Wonderful Washington Post article

Back when this year's Kennedy Center Honors nominees were first announced,
my husband was still in the hospital being treated for leukemia.  He was
watching TV when it was announced and he mentioned to a nurse that he would
sure like to be there.  Since leukemia treatment is so long, the process
includes a focus on setting future goals, things for the patients to aim
for.  This nurse saw an opportunity for another goal and contacted the
Kennedy Center to have my husband added to a special list they knew about
for attendance; a list of military wounded, cancer patients, etc.

Well, several weeks ago we got a fancy envelope in the mail from the Kennedy
Center, with a gold stamp of the word HONORS skewed on the front.  It was an
initiation to buy 2 of those set aside tickets!  Imagine the excitement!
However, page two of the letter was a price list and it indicated that there
were two classes of tickets available - the least expensive was $2,500 per
ticket.  Imagine the let down!

So, we also will be watching it when it airs on TV December 26 instead of in
person tonight!

But I agree, Nech, that article was one of the most insightful I've ever
read.  I am sharing it with my friends and family who don't get it.... in
hopes they may!



Hi Pam,
Wow, what a great story, and what a huge bummer ending.  I was totally let down 
just in reading about it.  I can't imagine your feelings.

On the up side, so does the invitation actually mention Zeppelin on it?  Even 
if it doesn't that's a cool collectable to have.  Nice.  Perhaps if you get any 
free time you could take pictures or even scan it so we can see what it looks 
like?   I'm sure you are very busy with many more important things than this, 
so don't put yourself out for us, only if you really have time.

And what was the price of the more expensive second tier tickets?   $2500 is 
crazy money.

Thanks for sharing your heart felt story.