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Hello and thank you

OK dudes and dudettes. I <think> I am ready to join this rock and roll
crowd. I first want to say again I am amazed and overjoyed with the
vibe on this list. I truly believe that Led Zeppelins music draws
people with good karma together. I have been helped by each and every
one that I wrote privately as I could not post to the list due to me
not being able to get the $#@^% AOL to send in plain text. Nech tried
his best to steer me to help, which he did but the AOL refused to
budge despite my futile attempts. Bob has also gone above the call of
duty to help this old two fingered typist out. I want to share a tale
or two and this seems to be the perfect place to do it. I just thought
I was a Led Zeppelin freak until I found this great list. I have been
overwhelmed at the vast knowledge those on this list possess. You
guys/gals are to be commended for keeping the Led Zeppelin spirit and
flame alive.

I want to check one last time that all is a go on my end to send to
the list. Again, I thank each and every one that is on this list as it
takes all of us just as the sum of Zep was greater than it's parts but
a special thanks to:

Steve Sauer
Wyatt Brake
Frank Smith
and of course Bob  for signing me up.
All the above people have never met or seen me but each offered me a
gmail account so I could post to this list. I am glad to be with this
ocean indeed!

<guide us from the curving cloud>..............

Randy  "from the hills of NC"