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Re: An Awesome Day at School (Yes, there is Zep Content... in Fact, it Revolves around the Zep

Funny you should say that because oddly enough, growing up in the 70's with Zep in full flight, I was strangely enough odd man out throughout grade school and even in high school. Maybe it had something to do with demographics and such but I took alot of ribbing being a Zep fan from my early yute on. Rolling Stones, Who, Dead, Doors and Elton John seemed to be perenial favorites of my so called peers. Shit I think I was the only one in my high school that did NOT walk around with "Noone here gets out Alive" on top of the stack of books. I was busy scrawling "zoso" and "gabba gabba hey" all over the place while they walked around like zombies qouting " Father I want to Kill you , Mother I want to arrrgggkkk " and " What a long strange trip it's been", "Got two good eyes but still can't see Mannnnnnn" as if they were onto something special. Yeah, a big snowjob of someone trying to convince them that Morrison was America's poet Laureate and liking the Dead automatically made you cool. gag. Ever even smoke a joint pointdexter?! I was the "geek" and "nerd" They all talked big but while they were home holding Mama's apron strings I was living my secret life of Walter Mitty going to Zeppelin concerts, Ramones, Rundgren freak shows, getting spat on in CBGB's , playing guitar, actually playing in front of people.... then come monday morning I was back to mild mannered punching bag who did not give a crap about baseball, football or basketball stats... yeah even there.. hockey WTF is hockey? Ha, more fools them eh ? Thank God for an older brother and parents who implicitly trusted me and nurtured my lust for life with a reason.

tcdruck@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

but admitting you're a Zep freak can be perilously close to proclaiming oneself a geek in certain circles to people 20 years younger who think that rock started with Alice In Chains. Me, I was never cool anyway, so I didn't care. LOL