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Re: An Awesome Day at School (Yes, there is Zep Content... in Fact, it Revolves around the Zep

Ten years ago, I frequently tried to time my entry into the high
school parking lot with the "loooooooove" portion of Whole Lotta Love
when that riff to end all riffs kicks in.  Or Immigrant Song, Bring It
On Home, Kashmir (although then I just received idiotic 'is that Puff
Daddy?' comments because people loved to piss me off...) - the list of
great entry music goes on.  Of course, I had just spent a bunch of
money on a CD player in my car, which was my grandparents' old 1989
Dodge Spirit, but had failed to realize at the time of installation
that there were only two speakers in the car (up front) without much
bottom end.  So I was probably laughed at more than anything.  Oh
well...  people could still hear the screaming and wailing guitar of
Jimmy Page just fine.

On Thu, Feb 26, 2009 at 3:35 PM, Tim Druck <tcdruck@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> It's random stuff like that that makes being a Zeppelin fan fun, even 30
> years after the fact.  It's really even kinda unique to the younger Zeppelin
> fan - you older folks who were around for the flight of Zeppelin pretty much
> can assume your peers are mostly into Zeppelin, but admitting you're a Zep
> freak can be perilously close to proclaiming oneself a geek in certain
> circles to people 20 years younger who think that rock started with Alice In
> Chains.  So suddenly finding out that everyone you know is a Zephead is like
> a weight lifted off your shoulders - you can openly wear that 75-tour
> t-shirt to class now, and you don't have to turn down the stereo when you
> have Travelling Riverside Blues blaring at full-volume as you enter the
> parking lot.
> Me, I was never cool anyway, so I didn't care.  LOL
> TimD