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Re: An Awesome Day at School (Yes, there is Zep Content... in Fact, it Revolves around the Zep

Now that's cool!



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Subject: An Awesome Day at School (Yes, there is Zep Content... in Fact, it Revolves around the Zep

Now, I go to Georgia Perimeter College, Dunwoody Campus, down here in
Dunwoody, Georgia (that's southeast USA, for the one person who
doesn't know).  Until this past Tuesday, I've often wondered if I'm
the only Zep-fan in Georgia.  I feel lonely when on all the Zep-sites
I belong to (including FBO), I'm either the only Georgian or one of
maybe 2 or 3, and they are no where near Dunwoody or Marietta.


To give you an idea of my schedule, I go to school on Tuesdays and
Thursdays.  My first class starts at 11:00 and goes to 12:15.  Then I
have a second class from 12:30 to 1:45.  Then I get a break until
6:00.  That's my third class 'til 7:15, then I get a dinner break
until 9:00, then my last class starts then and end at 10:15 pm (all
that's Eastern Standard Time).

Well, anyways, this past Tuesday (that'd be February 24), I was on my
first break (from 1:45 to 6:00) and I was hangin' outside when I met
an old friend in the parking lot.  We get to talking and it turns out
we both have the same interest: music.  Well, he asked me what my
favorite band was, and I said, of course, Led Zeppelin.  His eyes went
wide and he made me follow him to his car, a nice Chrysler Sebring
convertible.  He gets on, turns on the car, and opens the top.  Then
he throws me a bottle of coke, grabs his CD case, and throws into his
CD player none other then Zeppelin I.  Imagine my excitement!

The both of immediately start air-guitar-jamming to Good Times Bad
Times.  And we aren't paying any attention to our surroundings,
either, which is important because, come Babe I'm Gonna Leave You,
we've attracted a small group of (college!) kids who are enjoying the
music.  One of them asks who the band is, and we say Led Zeppelin.
His response is to jump into his car (which is not far from the
Chrysler), and come back near the end of the album with Mothership,
albums I-IV, Houses, The Song Remains the Same (CD and DVD, the recent
remastered releases), BBC Sessions, How the West Was Won, and the
2-Disc DVD, all of which he said he picked up from Borders (I have to
assume he either has a job or a ton of money... because I'm NOT
exaggerating, here).  Others were jamming out.  Some knew it, some
didn't, but all enjoyed it.

By the time the album was over people wanted more, so my friend threw
on II (turns out he's got the complete studio recordings box set in
his CD case, plus BBC, TSRTS remastered, and How the West Was Won).
All in all, I think we listened to the first 4 albums before I went to
class.  It was fucking awesome!

Long live Led Zeppelin!

(I know, random story, but I thought y'all here at FBO would enjoy that... :D)

"Shit happens.  Sometimes, you have to wipe and flush."

-My Dad