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Re: Key people = FBO people!!!

Yeah, I saw that. Aint that great?



By the way Nech, nice ride!!

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Led Zeppelin: A rock band that made an astounding impact. Forty years ago the British rock group Led Zeppelin was formed. They went on to become a supergroup and one of the most influential groups in the history of rock music. This influence was largely due to the group's original and unique sounds and musical style.

Today, we hear and feel their influence everywhere, so much so that they are now part of our mainstream culture. We hear their musical style almost everywhere, including movies, children's cartoon shows, and most definitely on rock radio stations and in modern rock bands. Without a doubt, the impact of this legendary band has been astounding and their cultural influence is still felt today.

Recently a Led Zeppelin fan, Frank Reddon, published a book called Sonic Boom, the Impact of Led Zeppelin, in which he documents over 40 interviews of key people who were impacted by Led Zeppelin. Gord Cottrill from Paisley was one of them.

hee hee!