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Re: Led Zeppelin 2 Robert Ludwig Vinyl Question

Scott, I've read about these German pressings on the Hoffman forum. Yes, apparently some of them were done using the plates from the original US RL (Robert Ludwig) mastering. The best ones have RL on both sides, but apparently there are also some that used the RL plates for side one only and side 2 is noticeably less good. I recently got my hands on an RL (not the downloads there are circulating but the real thing). It's fairly beat up with skips in spots and other bits of damage, but in the parts that are playable, it sounds really good. I have a couple of Canadian issues that are almost as good, but with a tamer midrange. On the RLs, the guitar and drums are stunning, with just the right amount of midrange to really cut through but not so much that it's harsh. It's really too bad they can't seem to do a reissue that sounds this good.

scott hutchinson wrote:
Today in the mail a received a 2 LP set from Germany containing both 1 and 2 Atlantic Records AK 2/35.The labels say MFG By Atlantic with Broadway NY.In the run off they say made in Germany.Also on the label it reads GEMA P 1970.Anyway, im listening to side one of LZ 2 and im it sounds spectacular (better than I have ever heard).So, I look in the runoff and there is the intials RL.On side two I think there is a RL but can't quite make it out.I believe this set came out as a Germany only release in 1974 but im not sure and whats up with the GEMA P 1970.Is anyone familiar with this pressing and can shed some light?Also, is it possible to have a RL on one side and not the other?Any comments would be appreciated.The LP itself is in NM condition at a resonalble cost of $32.

Thanks Scottt

PS for the record I like FBO but do not love or hate.